Escape Lizards is a challenging, tricky platformer, brought to you by a 4-man indie team on a custom game engine. You must navigate the lizards' eggs across increasingly precarious platforms to get to the finishing bell. You can not directly control the egg however; instead you must guide it across the level by tilting and manipulating the world. Inspired by old classics, Escape Lizards gives players a variety of tools to complete every level and rewards those who perfect their skills with huge replayability and automatic leaderboard integration for you and your friends.

Using either an XBOX controller or a keyboard, you'll guide your precious egg over ramps, slopes, twists and turns to get to hit the finishing bell across even the most trecherous of levels. As you improve, you'll progress through the worlds and be able to complete harder challenges and tougher puzzles. As well as simply manipulating gravity, you'll use a plethora of secondary abilities to complete levels, such as hopping and world rotations, all tutorialized. Each level also has hidden vulture eggs to knock-off on the way too, allowing you to unlock over 20 new skins for the lizard egg.

Whether you're looking for a new challenge or simply want a game that won't back down from turning up the heat, Escape Lizards has what you're looking for!

The Home Forest

For years, the Lizards of the Home Forest had lived in peace, happily coexisting with nature. However, one day, a new predator, the Evil Vulture Clan, moved in and began to prey upon the helpless reptiles! Now, the lizards must embark upon an epic journey, travelling across many strange lands to find the fabled Elysian Fields- a wonderous place said to be abundant with tasty crickets and inaccessible to nasty, scary vultures... Our journey begins here, in the Home Forest, where the lizards have curled up back in to their eggs and must navigate the first of many dangers in order to reach their first waypoint: A nearby human town...


As the lizards finally head towards the fringes of human settlement, they find themselves forced to navigate a dangerous working factory. Although they're not likely to find any predatory birds here, there are still many mechanical hazards to overcome if they wish to continue on their journey to the fabled Elysian Fields...


The Lizards have escaped modern civilization and now finally find themselves truly on the path to their sanctuary and new, safer lives! However, the journey now begins to reach a tougher, more trecherous phase as they venture out underneath a baking a hot sun in the unforgiving climate of a sandy, dry desert- all while their nemesis the Evil Vulture Clan circle ahead, waiting for even the tiniest of errors...

Icy Plain

After sheltering on a huge ship carrying garbage away across the sea, the Lizards emerge to find themselves in a very far away place- the icy plains of the arctic circle... A frigid, dangerous place to be, replete with some of the most difficult puzzles and challenges yet...

And More...

Above are just a handful of the 11 unique and distinct worlds in-game. Buy Escape Lizards now to discover them all- each one containing ten challenging levels!

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